The objective of this series is to host a range of conversational podcasts that incorporate the advice of experts along with the experience of the hosts to address key issues relating to the use of technology by organisations in the development sector. These conversations would be run monthly and would include the hosting of key subject matter experts. A series of subjects have been identified to provide a starting point for the discussions, but the topics would also be directed by the needs of the audience. The focus is two-fold, firstly to help organisations to address challenges that they may encounter in using technology and secondly to drive innovation through technology in the development sector. 

The first ten planned Episodes include:

1. Starting your journey of digital migration
2. eLearning platforms options and challenges
3. Connectivity – getting online
4 Digital Adoption and Change Management
5. Implementation and adoption and change management
6. Communications – VC and other meeting tools
7. Security – keeping your systems and data safe
8. Privacy and confidentiality – Popi considerations
9. Identity management
10. Hardware and local networks

Talking Tech For Good Episode 4 – Talking Adoption and Change Management 

Resistance to new ideas and technology is nothing new. Adoption of technology is a multi-faceted and complex issue, especially in a diverse landscape such as South Africa. How can organisations in the development space embrace change and what are the factors that need to be front of mind when doing so? 

In this episode of the Talking Tech for Good podcast, Luvuyo Maseko and Jason Bygate host a conversation with Melvina Phillips from the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development and Abigail Sellman from ideas42 about adoption and change management in the development sector. You don’t want to miss this one.

Talking Tech For Good Episode 3 – Talking connectivity 

In this third episode podcast hosts, Luvuyo Maseko and Jason Bygate delve into some of the complexities surrounding connectivity and access in South Africa. They are joined by Pieter Holloway who runs a skills centre in the rural town of McGregor in the Western Cape. Pieter shares some of the greatest challenges youth in communities like McGregor face in terms of access and connectivity. How do we make sure that we don’t leave these young people behind? How do we challenge service providers to make data more affordable and how do we support young people in making the most of the opportunities found online once they have access.

Talking Tech For Good Crossover episode – CiviTech Africa 

In this cross-over between the Civic Tech in Africa podcast and the Talking Tech for Good podcast, co-hosts Jason Bygate (of Capacitate) and guest Munyaradzi Dodo (of Magamba Network) discuss how young people can have their voices better heard in the corridors of power.

Talking Tech for Good Episode 2 – Learner Management Systems

In this second episode, the Talking Tech for Good team unpacks some of the things to consider when selecting the right system for your elearning.

Talking Tech for Good Episode 1 – ELearning Migration

This first episode in our podcast series explores the need for organisations to be thinking about digital migration and moving learning and skills development online. We discuss some of the challenges and considerations when starting out on a process of moving programmes online.